Important People

  • Mayor Steelbone - she keeps order and helps the townsfolk with their problems. Whilst she isn't the thickest skinned she's not afraid to put her foot down if people start getting too rowdy.
  • Sophia - works at the labs and seems to have a way with technology. She's managed to craft several medicines such as antivenom as well as keeping the generators running.
  • Sybilla - responsible for most of the homes you live in, she's known for being able to build ugly but sturdy buildings out of the scrap.
  • Arnie Shad - owns the local scorpion farm though seems to spend more time at the hospital than the farm with constant cases of poisoning
  • Darin - runs the "hospital". Little to no bedside manner but he knows what he's doing.
  • Hettie Shad - the inventor of everything between a automatic shovel to the spring loaded cow launcher many of her inventions may not work but she's got a head full of ideas and the skills to turn them into something.

Important Buildings

  • Arnie's Scorpion Farm - provides meat, carapace and venom or derivatives. The rugged fences mostly keep in the giant killer scorpions that you've herded up. Vicious and toxic they actually make decent eating and their carapace can be used to make a whole host of things.
  • The Lab - really it's just a large house where almost all the tech in Chimera lives. In various states of disrepair the machines hum as people tinker and learn.
  • Salvage yard - really it's just a huge warehouse of metal, wood and hides etc that people haven't got round do using yet.
  • The fields - you have lucked out with some relatively arable land which people keep planted with seasonal vegetables. There's also a couple of goats around the farmland.
  • Bar - what town doesn't have a bar? It's walls are rusty but inside it's a warm haven full of drinks and tables for people to relax in after work
  • The Town Hall - styled more like a long house it's the place in town where things get done. It's a meeting house though it will often get re-purposed for other things as it's the largest building in Chimera.

Food and culture

Daily life around Chimera revolves around people doing whatever it is they do. Food mostly consists of scorpion, vegetables or whatever else anyone has caught recently. The last working food replicator produces small items needed to supplement diets leaving everyone pretty healthy. Excess fruit and vegetables generally become fermented and served in the bar. Water is brought up from wells and there is enough to go around.