Whilst we are not releasing a system just yet (these things take time to write) we want to give you an insight as to how things are going to work.

Each character will have two classes, a "Combat" class and a "Town" class. These determine what you can do on linears, during town meets and in downtime.

The combat classes are often represented by what mutations you have taken and what you can do in a fight:

  1. Juggernaut - mutated to withstand harsh environments and to absorb damage
  2. Survivalist - you know how to keep you and others alive in the harshest of environments
  3. Scavenger - whilst not the greatest fighter, you have many tricks and traps and know how to use the situation to your advantage
  4. Bruiser - your big melee thug, using whatever mutations they have to hit hard
  5. Mindflayer - able to use their mental and psychic mutations to aid or hinder as they see fit
  6. Blaster - hose with more unusual mutations that allow them to take down their foes at range
  7. Wanderer - those that have picked up a little of everything in their time and know how to make a team work better

The town classes represent what you do within the town and how you contribute/what role you play:

  1. Scientists - able to use materials in ways to make new things with some knowledge of technology
  2. Crafters - able to make gear such as armour, weapons and other utility items
  3. Architects - able to greatly help the town expand without falling over
  4. Doctors - you help those in need
  5. Morale boosters - chefs, service people, artists - people who improve other's quality of life
  6. Production Engineers, Operatives and Naturalists - you’re what actually keep the town running, and produce most of the resources.

You are obviously free to pass by us any ideas of what you would like to play. Over the summer term we will be releasing more information and we are hoping to run playtests.