Upon the setting of the Glowing Sun man and machine were destroyed indiscriminately. The things we had built turned to ruin. Whilst some small pieces survived, especially in the grander shelters, most was lost. All communication towers and satellites have been lost making contact with others impossible, for now. What information people have depends what was saved on local data banks. Small replicator machines made to supplement a family in food and clothing must now supply a whole town. Weapons are basic or so help together with scrap and duct tape that they fall apart after a couple of shots.

This is however a time of learning. People experiment with the materials available to create new things to help them survive. Scorpion anti-venom keeps townsfolk out the hospital, the fields reek of strawberries and brimstone as new fertilisers are trialled, the ringing of metal and sawing of wood echo from the scrap yard.