The day brings the landscape into relief around you as you look out from your home. The dunes in the distance cast cold shadows whilst the tops shimmer like liquid gold. The scorpions scurry in their pens as they fight for the best basking spots. The crops span outwards into the scrubland. The air tangs with metal and dust.

Many things can be found outside Chimera, one only has to be brave and hardy to leave and also come back.

Raiders - there are roving bands of raiders out there, some hailing from §lågñσß in the East, some just anarchistic and unaffiliated.

Caravans and nomads - some mutants try and live a peaceful way of life though prefer not to settle down and instead travel the land, trading scrap metal, wood, food and medicine, looted weapons from the old world and anything else they can find. They also are great for finding out information and rumours of wider goings on.

Chrysalis remnants and wreckages - there are various sites out there of varying states of decay to which the bravest souls can try their luck of scouring the innards of anything of use.

Flora - whilst not the same as the old world there are many mostly familiar plants.

Fauna - most of the fauna has mutated at the same rate as the "humans".

The world map will be constantly updated with what you find out as well as with rumours.